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CQP Nylon Quick Couplings by Clemco | Clemco Industries Corp. | Sandblasting Equipment

Blast abrasive Our lineup of various abrasives with grain size of 1 μm to 5,000μm increases the possibilities of blasting even further. More than 400 varieties of abrasives.

valves and pipeline supplies fast track supply. valve solutions for oil & gas, mining and process industries • metal to metal seat ball & plug valves

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The cutting action of the filaments of abrasive nylon brushes are unique compared to traditional metal filaments that are designed to cut on the filament tips.

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Brush Research Manufacturing offers a variety of abrasive nylon brushes including nylon cup brushes. Learn more about our nylon brushes by contacting us.

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NHP Nylon Nozzle Holders. The Clemco fiber-reinforced nylon nozzle holder attaches to the end of a blast hose and holds a contractor-thread blast nozzle.

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Kimball Midwest employees participated in Gracehaven’s Over the Edge to end Sex-Trafficking. Many people in the organization donated and two employees got the opportunity to rappel off the side of the PNC building in downtown Columbus.

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Brush Research provides high quality abrasive nylon and nylon wheel brushes for deburring and finishing. Contact a distributor to order your nylon wheel brush today

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